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I was born in Trenton, NJ on July 3, 1985 to Elizabeth and Jeffrey Urick. I started my education at Sunnybrae Elementary school, located in Hamilton, NJ. During my time at Sunnybrae I took up the saxophone, which become one of my key interests in life. After graduating from Sunnybrae Elementary School I attended Grice Middle school.

At Grice Middle School I continued my studies in music and the arts and took part in Grices' performances of Greece and Annie. I kept band as a high priority but started to invest my time more into computers, which I found to be something I loved.

Upon my graduation from Grice, I moved on to Hamilton High West where I joined the marching band. This became a large part of my life at school; It was there that I met most of my friends and was able to really extrovert myself. In addition to band I was also an avid member of the swim team where I swam the 500m and 200m freestyle. I also began working at ACME markets part time as a produce clerk.

As my high school education continued I excelled in band, becoming a section leader throughout my junior and senior year. During that time my love for computers continued to grow and I began taking programming and advanced programming courses at school. I also found that I liked to take apart our family computer in my spare time, much to my fathers dislike.

During this same time, I also began taking on greater duties at work. I started to work as a night manager. I was charged with watching over the store, confirming that the 15 other employees were doing their jobs, and any additional roles attributed to the top level of customer service.

After graduating from Hamilton High School West I continued my education at Mercer County Community College, majoring in Networking and Programming. My final year at Mercer I interned at Fort Dix. This internship acted as a great entry platform into becoming a Network Technician. It gave me a glimpse of life as a technician as well as introduced me to the way a large organization operates.

At the completion of my internship, I was more determined than ever to become a network technician. I continued my studies at Mercer and my management work at Acme, but began to pick up side ad-hoc computer jobs for small businesses, friends, family members, co-workers and anyone else who needed help. During this time I built several computers to order, and also experimented with the windows operating systems, mainly 2000 and XP. (installing, configuring, repairing, and managing)

I began my career during December of 2005, and started working for a company in Princeton, NJ called Zirius Inc. Zirius was a small business at that time, specializing in remote data back-up and network support for small to medium businesses. I was intrigued by where the company looked to be headed and what my personal growth opportunities would be. That was a busy time in my life; I was holding 2 jobs, taking 12 credits, and trying to maintain a social life. Thanks to my hard work, I quickly picked up the business and within a few months I was able to leave my 5-year home at acme for a full time position with Zirius.

I graduated from Mercer County Community College in May of 2006 with a 3.21 GPA and received my AAS in Computer Programming and Networking. By then I was full time at Zirius Inc., and thanks to the small business environment I was able to learn to handle many different issues for many different systems. This gave me a wide array of knowledge and experience that has heavily benefited me. (For a complete list of supporting experience I have see Tech List ).

Since my graduation the roles I fill at Zirius have continued to increase. I am currently managing all 1st and 2nd level support for the business as well as a large amount of 3rd level support, company wide systematizing, organization, billing management, testing, development, and installation of new systems and software.

This past June (2008) Zirius merged with Topaz Group and changed the company name to , since then I have continued my role handling 1st and 2nd level support for the company.

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